It’s important to keep abreast of the latest trends in marketing to keep abreast of the times. Technological advances can help you understand which actions generate the best returns on investment.

Here’s the top 5 popular marketing tactics of 2013:

i. Mobile advertising

Smart phones have given us a new medium for marketing our businesses and to  leverage advertising. Advertising through them is skyrocketing this medium.

Creating a website that can adapt to the more compact screen size of contemporary devices can help users access your company easily. Add a mobile strategy to your marketing plan this year.

ii. Content Marketing

Search engines are favouring sites with high quality, relevant content more than ever. Poor sites are penalized for not having great content.

It’s no longer simply relying in SEO to be picked up by search engines. You have to have post quality content too to gain an advantage.

iii. Responsive Website

Your website will look different on a smartphone, tablet, and desktop computer. It creates a more personalized experience for the viewer and results are better in conversions if you have a website designed to be responsive to the application it is being viewed on.

iv. Social Media

Social media was the great marketing trend for 2012 and continues to be on the increase. It is becoming more sophisticated, so choose which social media platform best appeals to your business. By choosing just a few, you can be much more targeted in your marketing.

v. Advertising

This is an interesting one as many changes happening here too. Advertising is always popular but no longer simply placing an advert and expecting it to work. Advertising will more and more take place on social media sites and mobile devices. Instead of those banner ads, which can often annoy people, these are predicted to change to include customer interaction, such as polls and quizzes.

I’m sure like me, you’ll be every bit as fascinated my the every more innovative ways to market your business.

It’s a fantastic new platform for budding writers where you get the opportunity to promote your book and share it with a great worldwide community.

Want to know more? Listen to my interview with the founder of Noveltunity Rick Karlsruher right here: 

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