The headline is the one thing that grabs the prospect’s attention. And any copywriter will tell you that its more important to spend time writing your headline than it is to write the sales letter. If you dismiss your headline – that’s it, game over!

Because no-one will start reading your letter, ad, brochure, etc., or listening to anything you have to say if they don’t get past the headline.

Your headline is the difference between success and Mediocrity, or total failure.

Take a look at these headlines written by one of the most highly respected copywriters of our times:

Proof at last: discover which Forex systems, software and gurus can really make you money – and those that rip you off!



“Tired of Being Broke and Getting Nowhere? It’s NOT YOUR FAULT! You’ve been lied to, conned and cheated. Now it’s Time to Break Free From ‘The Matrix and Join me in a Life of Wealth, Freedom and Power!”

Every Headline must fill the following 4 objectives:

  • Grab attention 
  • Select an audience 
  • Deliver a complete message 
  • Draw the reader into the body copy 

If you think it’s difficult, creating winning headlines can be achieved by following some simple and proven guidelines…

Format your headline step by step …

  1. Place the headline above the salutation
  2. Set the headline in a large font (at least 4 Points larger than your copy font size)
  3. Use a Capital letter for each word in your headline.
  4. Emphasise 1 or 2 important words in your headline in largertype, bold, underline or in capitals.
  5. Use sufficient number of words to convey a benefit to your reader.
  6. Never end with a full stop.

Here’s a list of words which have been proved to be consistently successfal in headlines. And if you look at headlines then you’ll see that all the successful headline contain one or more of these words:

You Results Breakthrough


Your Here Facts


Discover Quick Easy


Exciting Yes Money


Only Guaranteed Proven


Secrets Instantly New


How Amazing Free


Now Reveals Winning


Introducing Magic Announcing

Conversely there are some ‘bad words’ that you should avoid using in your headline. These are:

Buy Difficult Failure


Order Bad Cost


Sell Death Loss



So, make a start with you headline and follow these tips as you write. It’ll make all the difference!

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