Why do we always try the hard way by placing an expensive advert or spending a fortune on marketing methods that don’t work, when you can do a lot of stuff for FREE!

Sound good?  Here’s my top 10 easy ways you can do just that:

  1. Announce a new product, service or about being the first to try something. Be the biggest, the smallest, the cutest … or whatever comes to mind. Newspapers and online e-news love these types of announcements.
  2. Passage of time – mark it, use it. Being in business for one year, five years, ten years. Celebrate the birthday of your business. Do an event and let people know about it.
  3. Celebrate someone in your team. What have they done that’s special or out of the ordinary? Or perhaps it’s simply because they’re totally reliable and great to have in your team. So tell people about how great it is to have such a motivational and inspirational person and what it does for your business.
  4. Announce a new person joining your team. Why did you choose them? What made them the right person for the job. What difference is it going to make to your business? Share this with others too.
  5. Clients you’ve worked with – gain testimonials and tell the world about the experience they had working with you. This is a win-win situation as both businesses are promoted.
  6. Case study – take it a step further and do a full case study on a large client that you’re working with. This gives you the opportunity to go more in-depth and demonstrate where the person was when you started working with them and where they are now and what they have achieved.
  7. Have you gained a new important client? Boast about it by making a huge announcement.
  8. Win an award. Look up trade, local, regional or national awards that your business can enter. Get those entry forms in as you can’t win if you’re not in it.
  9. What’s happening locally or nationally in the news? Call your local radio station and ask to speak about your opinion on the subject that will be of interest to their listeners. Choose something that is relevant to your business and comment how it might affect you and/or others in a similar situation.
  10. Become the ‘go to’ expert by regularly responding to questions placed on forums. Or put yourself forward to trade publications as an interesting expert and they may even give you your own column.

Taking the time and with a little bit of effort mixed with creativity and there you go …. Free publicity and lots of media attention for your business.

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