I became fascinated by this very powerful model which is now very much in the public domain. Essentially if looks at two paradigms and what we call ‘old paradigm’ and ‘new paradigm’. And what we mean by paradigm is a new way of thinking and of being.

So, in old paradigm there is a tendency to centre around the trinity that is of a victim or persecutor and rescuer. This very much comes from transactional analysis. In essence what we are saying is that if they are running the old paradigm model then they are in the ‘victim’ place. And the victim place is very much the blame culture. In other words, it’s all happening because of the economy, or my boss, it’s my partner, it’s the job – it’s everything else that is being blamed. They’re pointing the finger at someone or something else as being at fault and which has caused them the pain.

‘New paradigm’ on the other hand focuses on the individual and it carries a statement with it which says “I choose and create my reality”, and that is very much a culture of self-responsibility. In doing so, we are creating the stuff that we’re experiencing.

It’s important to add a caveat to that thing, and that is that “whatever I do choose, is serving me well in some way”. And at times that can be quite difficult to find what that benefit actually is. There will always be one, and the great thing about residing in new paradigm is that if you choose something that perhaps feels that we’re always a bit negative, there is always a positive aspect to it. And again that brings about choice.

In old paradigm, because you feel that you’re being done unto by others, you don’t have that kind of choice. So at a very basic level, if you think about control, in old paradigm you have no control because the world is doing unto you; in new paradigm, you have control which means you can start to change things.

And something else – when you adopt or choose to work in the new paradigm, it changes your life because it’s a completely different shift.

Article by: Wendy Howard, www.spiritofvenus.co.uk

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