One of the things being in business has taught me is that there is a need to constantly re-align yourself with changes that occur in life and business.

Sometimes, things don’t work out as planned. Maybe you take a wrong direction and go off track. At times life can throw you an unexpected trauma blowing your world apart. It happens. That’s life and in business too.

For instance, did you know that the first mission to the moon was 97% off course? Neil Armstrong, in Apollo 11 was only ever 3% on course and yet he still made it to land on the moon. How did that work out?

NASA had determined there was a “cone of confidence”, that Apollo could be on in it’s trajectory to the moon and that as long as Apollo 11 was in the cone of confidence the crew could successfully reach and land on the moon.

The message is that you do not always have to be on course all of the time to reach your goals. Neil Armstrong was only ever on course 3% of the time but he had the confidence that he could reach his goal to land on the moon. He did that and the rest as we know it, is history.

Therefore, if you are not always exactly on course, as long as you are in your “cone of confidence”, then you can still achieve your goals too.

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