Every now and again things can go totally awry. Rushing across town to an important meeting my car decides it has a flat tyre. I have to wait for someone to come and fix it because I can’t undo the nuts on the wheel. Great!

Calling to re-arrange the meeting, the organization is not pleased with what they consider a lame excuse. I am not able to arrive late as the M.D. had only a one hour slot for me today. Their decision is being made today, and that is final. Even bigger great!

  1. Accept responsibility for your part.  You may not have been able to be in control of everything or even been responsible for what happened. But you can take responsibility for being in that place or position at that time so that it did happen to you.
  2. Avoid blame. Trying to find blame or place blame on yourself and others will only bring up negative feelings and anger. Accept the situation for what it is and in doing so, it puts you back in control. You are then in a position to sort things out.
  3. Acknowledge emotions. It’s natural to feel sad, angry, happy, suspicious and all those other feelings. Let them surface and explore where they are coming from. Then let them go ….

Reframe your thoughts. Things do happen for a reason. Perhaps that organization was not the right one for me to do work with after all. My car did me a huge favour and opened up my diary for better opportunities which will be more suited to me and my skills.

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