So, What Does It Take To Be Good At Sales?

If you’re someone who’s either confused at selling or have already undertaken numerous sales training courses but still can’t get the results you want, then you are not alone.

Sometimes its just that part of the puzzle is missing and you haven’t been given all the missing ingredients to make it in sales.

But why is sales so important? Because without it you won’t have a business for long as it really is the lifeblood necessary to grow. Without selling, you merely have a hobby-and an expensive one at that!

So what are the ingredients to become good in sales? You need to become in a number of areas:

• Strategy – setting up a strategy that works for you and your particular business. It might be that you need various strategies for the different products and services you want to offer.

• Personality – knowing your particular sales personality is hugely beneficial as you will be able to play to your unique strengths when in the sales situation. It will allow you to become comfortable in sales and to develop a sales style that works for you.

• Authenticity – in everything you do. Being honest about your products and services and authentic in everything you do.

• Be true to yourself – in choosing the right sales techniques and tactics that you feel comfortable with. If you’re not happy in sales or trying to sell in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable then it won’t work and you won’t do it. So choosing a style that allows you to be true to yourself is very important.

• Overcome obstacles and hurdles – sometimes hidden in your subconscious. You need to dig deep to uncover what is blocking you and stopping you from moving forward.

• Re-connecting with your passion and reason ‘why’ – sometimes it’s easy to forget why you went into business doing what you’re doing. At these times you need to go back and reignite the flame and desires you had. At times this is reminding yourself of why you’ve chosen a particular path because the reason isn’t necessarily your business in itself.

• Re-programming – your negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones that will help you in any sales situation. And to slay any demons or dragons hidden in your closet!

• Sales skills – and learn some authentic selling skills as they will really help you set out a step-by-step process to overcome any fears or doubts you have.

So start today by making a decision to do something about selling more than you currently are. How about doubling your sales income? How about trebling your sales income? Wit h the right mindset, sales skills and experience you can do that easily – the first part is making the decision to want to improve and learn what’s necessary to become great at sales.

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