With January up on us and 2010 a new decade, we talk a lot about goal setting and achieving our dreams. There’s a whole host of information and different approaches on how to do this.

But … what happens when you get stuck? You know, those times when you know the direction you’d like to go in, but for some reason some of the bits don’t quite fit together and you end up back where you started from.

It’s times like that when you feel like just giving up. Or you drift back to doing what you’ve always done it, because that’s what you know.

But then you find yourself in the same rut as before – not growing, not achieving your dreams, not earning the income you’d like.

Why does it happen? A very quick response can be summed up in one word and that is ‘habit’ combined of course with ’lack of knowledge’ plus ‘lack of motivation’ as all of these are combined.

We can ALL learn to do things differently and move forwards as we want to BUT we have to find out what the sticking point actually is first of all, and then take some ACTION.

Try this – Identify Your Sticking Point?

Step 1: Identify the point where you’re getting stuck. Is it lack of a proper direction for a product or service? Is it lack of sales skills? Is is lack of a proper marketing strategy? Is it something but you’re not sure what?

Ask yourself the question over and over again as there may be more than one strand to this. What is my sticking point? Write this down.

Step 2: Identify the area that your sticking point comes under. Is it lack of knowledge to do a particular task i.e technical skill? Is it lack of who to go to i.e. relationship? Is it lack of knowledge i.e. I don’t know how to?

Step 3: Identify an action to take you forward. Ask youself “what can I do about this now?” By taking an action no matter how small, you will be planting a seed that will take you in another direction to where you are.

Step 4: Identify and slay the ‘what if’s’. Okay, get these over with. I don’t have the money for this … I can’t because I’ve no time … I will do it when …  I know it’ll happen when … If only I had …

STOP! If you buy into your story nothing will change. Spend time working through all of the negative messages. Write them down and then cross them out and replace each one with … something positive.

For instance, “I don’t have time …” Replace with “I am scheduling in one hour each day at 8-9am to write an article”

Step 5: What is your commitment and motivation level? These MUST be high for you to keep this up. So, make a strong commitment and just DO IT. And reward yourself in some way to keep your motivation high.

Remember: Success has a pattern, failure has a pattern and both are predictible.

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