The Top 10 Barriers to Achieving Exceptional Team Performance

  1. Lack of a clear vision. No positive direction of what it looks, feels or sounds like to belong to a high achieving winning team.
  2. Displaced values and behaviours. Individuals place their own interest above that of the team and its members.
  3. No critical Measures. To enable individuals to measure performance against and make improvements.
  4. No recognition of Personal Contribution. When a team member does go the extra mile or has some extraordinary success it is not recognized or acknowledged.
  5. Disempowering leadership style. The team leader doesn’t pass projects on to managers incase their performance surpasses that of the leader.
  6. Blame culture. Looking for fault and pointing the finger at individuals rather than looking at the systems that people have to work to.
  7. Poor communication. Lack of regular team meetings, briefings or supervision. Often too busy to fit these in but not realizing that the business is a symptom of lack of proper systems being in place.
  8. Lacking in resources or inappropriate ones. Expecting team members to deliver without giving them the resources or support to their job adequately.
  9. Failure to recognize successes. All team members need to celebrate success. Not doing so diminishes team spirit to being non-existent.
  10. No spark to implement change. No innovation or energy in the team to promote change. Without change the team will wither and die. Lack of energy drains team spirit.

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