When it comes down to being wealthy, healthy and happy there are four key questions you need to be able to ask yourself to determine the wealth, health and happiness you so desire.

The four questions are …

Question # 1 Who do you need to be, or who do you want to be?
This is about who are you as a person, your identity, your role, in an ideal world what role would you fulfil in your life that made you happiest? You may need to think about this for a while as it’s actually a very deep question. Sometimes your answer can be confused with the job you’re fulfilling, so really go deep on the person you really are.

Question # 2 What do you want to do?
This is about what work, or what activities and what behaviours make you feel most fulfilled? It may be that some of the things that make you feel fulfilled are not a huge part of your life right now and if this is the case, then this is an even more valuable exercise for you. When you’ve got some awareness around this then you are in a position to make some different choices.

Question # 3 What do you want to have?
What sort of environment do you prefer to be in? What sort of access to spiritual needs do you want? Once you understand a bit more about your spiritual needs, and that doesn’t necessarily mean religious as spiritual is more to do with how you feel inside and having a sense of belonging. So think through what you want to have as far as your spiritual wealth is concerned. It may be that having things such as trinkets, hi-fi systems, designer clothes are important to you.

And in terms of what do you need to have or what do you want to have, think about the rewards that you would like to give yourself if you don’t necessarily get them from other people. And look at how you celebrate that. How do you celebrate your wins? Because, when you celebrate your wins, you fire up your neurology, and it really helps you to then move onto the next thing.

Question # 4 What do you need to be with?
This is to do with the people you feel happiest being around? It could be family, friends or colleagues. It may be people you do activities with. And then go and be around them, if you possibly can. Being around the people who make you feel happy is really important but so often what happens is, we live a long way away, and our lives can diverge and we lose touch with the people who have made us happy in the past. To change this get on the phone and arrange to meet up and start to re-experience that happiness?

These four questions are really important to your happiness and well-being. Some of the choices that they produce can be challenging of course but the change that happens when you take action is incredibly exciting.

Article by: Wendy Howard, www.spiritofvenus.co.uk

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