I wasn’t sure about calling this article ‘6 rules’ and toyed with the idea of calling it ‘6 suggestions’ or ‘6 tips’ but that really wasn’t strong enough. These do have to be rules that are followed if you want to get the rewards from your business you REALLY deserve.

Rule No 1. Believe it! And I mean REALLY believe it on a subconscious level. That’s often hard to do as it means rooting out those limiting beliefs that self-sabotage your success. But where do they come from? Think about it. Where did you grow up? Who taught you those early life lessons? Who did you spend your time with? Who do you spend your current time with? What has everyone ever said to you? What do you hear other saying now? What is your own self-talk? Those are the clues!

Rule No 2. Invest in YOU! Do you really want to make a lot of money and be mega-successful at what you do? We all do to some extent don’t we? Let me put this another way then. How far are you prepared to go and what are you prepared to give up to make that a reality? What am I talking about here?  Let’s start by looking at you’re daily actions. Are you doing the same thing you did yesterday, last week and even last year? Are you attending the same networking meetings and talking to the same people also looking for success? What are your daily habits? What is your daily routine? The bottom line is that although everyone claims to want success and money, only a very few are prepared to make even minor sacrifices to bring it about. If you are someone who says ‘I don’t have the time to take that course or learn something new’, then cut out the television programmes and going out with friends for  while. That will be a good start. And look at your daily habits and connections and go about deleting those that are not serving you well.

Rule No 3. Personal Responsibility. To succeed at anything you have to take full responsibility for your actions. How often do you hear someone saying ‘well, it’s all down to the luck of the draw’, or ‘I wasn’t really in the right place at that time’, or, ‘it wasn’t really my fault, it just happened that way’. Don’t get me wrong the outcome is entirely down to you but if you take responsibility for your actions then you will automatically be putting yourself into the driving seat every time. And that’s where you need to be. No excuses!

Rule No 4. Play to your strengths! Don’t spend too much time trying to fix your weaknesses. Identify what your naturally good and talented at and learn more about that and how to promote it well. You will always feel happier and healthier working to your strengths. Wasting time trying to learn to do everything yourself if it’s not something you’re naturally good at is time lost. Find someone else to fill the gaps in any weak areas.

Rule No 5. Learn to listen and when to ignore. There are times when someone will give you good advice and other times when they won’t. Sometimes there’s a great business opportunity or joint venture you’d love to do. But a friend or partner doesn’t see the opportunity at all but can see all the reasons why not to. So you stop and don’t do anything about it. Choose who you listen to with care and view their track record before deciding for yourself whether to listen to them or not. Too many people live with regrets and ‘if onlys’ don’t let that be you.

Rule No 6. Keep going, keep going, keep going! And you will eventually succeed. You may need to diversify or go around obstacles and take the rough with the smooth. But eventually you will break through.

Have a great day!

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