Do you ever question why it is that some people seem to achieve so much, take leaps and bounds in all areas of their lives and business, while many others plod along achieving not very much?

Here’s why…

It was recently said in a group of successful business people, all self-made millionaires that there’s one thing that makes the difference, setting them apart. And it’s this; every Monday morning at the start of the week they spend 15% of their time thinking and planning what they are going to focus on that week. They do nothing else apart from plan their time and what they will focus on most effectively during their working time. Then they commit to achieving that plan.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? But how many of you actually do it?

The problem is many of us, myself included are prone to either not focussing on the one thing that will achieve the most results while blotting out those distractions. So here’s the challenge: for the next month, use this weekly planner download the PDF here and see what a difference it makes to your life and business.

While you use the weekly planner ask the following questions:

What is it I want to achieve? For instance, think about the short-term efforts if cash flow is a problem and what you can do this week to overcome that. Think about the increase in clients you want and what actions you can take this week towards that.

What areas of my business do I need to concentrate on to achieve this? Is it client work that gets you paid? Time spent finding clients/work? Administration & accounts? Marketing? Creating products? How you allocate your time to each area is significant in your outcome. If you need income, concentrate your maximum amount of time on those areas that will attract income.

What action/s will have most effect on achieving this/these things? Is it by making follow up phone calls? Social media contacts? Writing marketing emails? Other?

How will I deal with distractions? Will I switch off the phone? Put on the answer-phone?

Set not available on Skype? Not access the internet during writing? Check emails before or after I’ve completed the task in hand?

When is my best time to work? Am I better in the morning, afternoon or evening? How long do I prefer to work for maximum results i.e. two or three hours, then take a break?

What can I chunk up to save time? All those little mundane but essential tasks, can I batch them up into a time slot and do all at once? Schedule this in.

What can I chunk down? Those big tasks, how can I break them down into manageable chunks and set time slots to work on one of those chunks?

How committed am I to achieving what I’ve set out to do this week? If you are NOT a 10 out of 10 to achieving this, how can you prioritise tasks so that you CAN commit to achieving 100%?

By taking just 15% of your total working week as thinking and planning time, you will achieve greater results and have more time to play … are you up for the challenge?

I do hope so. Drop me an email and let me know how this is working for you, or if you have any further tips you want to add. Remember to download your weekly planner, print it off and place it where you can see it every day. A simple but very effective tool.

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