Everyone is in the business of sales. We just don’t recognize that we sell everything on a daily basis. Asking the boss for a pay rise, getting a date with that special someone, or persuading your child to do their homework.

In his book, The Art of Selling, Daniel H Pink says there are three important aspects to selling anything you want:

  1. Attune yourself to the situation and the person you are selling to.
    Watch their response and listen to how they respond when you give your sales spill. In most cases, you will not get a straight ‘no’. Take their reasons and find the offer within it. For instance, if someone says they can’t sponsor you in a fun run right now, then ask them if they will be able to sponsor you next month. Or can they volunteer their time instead of money.
  1. Stay buoyant in your outlook.
    Rejection is something we all encounter. Even you child refusing to do homework when you ask is a rejection. What is important is to stay positive. Instead of allowing ‘yes, but …’ take control of the situation by saying ‘yes, and …’ Never get pulled into an argument. Aim to turn negative excuses on their head.
  1. Maintain Clarity Throughout Your Pitches
    Remember who you are selling to, making your message personal and purposeful. Persuasion is often amplified by contrast. Let them know the reasons why they should buy what you are selling over any other options they may have. Don’t give too many choices though. Fewer options increase the chance of you gaining the sale.

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