Whether you love or loath referrals they are a great way of bringing warm leads into your business as well as a great advertisement for what you do. People who come to you via a referral already have it in their mind that you offer a valuable product or service. Plus … it takes the hard work of having to sell!

How do you get more referrals?

Here are my top 10 tips:

1. Word of Mouth – Make an impact with all your customers and deliver an exceptional service they’ll want to talk about. It can be as simply as sending a thank you for your business card and a follow up call to make sure everything is working well for them after you’ve delivered the goods or services.

2. Ask – Make a point of asking every one of your customers if they know anyone else who would benefit from having a similar problem solved for them.  Perhaps they can recommend two or even three people. Timing of course is essential and must be at the point of delivery.

3. Guarantee -If you offer a guarantee for all your products and services then people are more likely to want to refer others to you as they will feel additional confidence having this in place.

4. Write – Add a clause at the bottom of your letters or thank you for your payment letter which says  ‘we welcome referrals’. This is a great mind jogger for your clients.

5. Reward – Your customers for giving you a referral. Offer incentives for turning a referral into business. The reward might be a gift. If you want to offer something at no additional cost then give them a discount on future goods or services or perhaps a free sample.

6. Finders Fee – Offer a percentage of the fee (5/15% depending on your financial circumstances). Or you may offer a set fee or even a set number of high street vouchers.

7. Discounts for referrals – Offer a set discount off their next purchase for giving you a referral.

8. Swap referrals – Set up a relationship with another business whereby you exchange referrals with them. Complimentary businesses work well this way. Make sure you have something in place to track the referrals that are sent and received. Only work with those organisations that deliver an excellent service so you don’t jeapardise your reputation!

9. Bring a friend – To an event at your premises or a nearby venue. You can extend this by giving out ‘bring along friend’ to the friends that are coming along. This is great if you are doing an event or something like a tradeshow and want to display your goods and services to lots of people.

10. Affiliate– Start an affiliate programme. This is where you pay others a set fee for their referrals. This can be automated on line so everyone can track their affiliate sales.

Be creative as there are lots of exciting ways to boost your referrals!

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