I’m using the analogy of a grow bag because it’s something that allows plants to grow in an environment best suited to the individual plant. As any green fingered gardener knows you can have a grow bag for your tomatoes, and another for your lettuces. And some of course offer you the choice of multi-plants which will quite happily thrive together in that compost. And if you plant something in the wrong grow bag that is not meant for that particular plant then it doesn’t always thrive and might even decide to pack up and die.

If you think about it, it’s the same in business. If people are in an environment which doesn’t allow them to grow, or to be authentic in who they are, they can feel hugely unfulfilled. When this happens they will feel something isn’t right or they’re missing something or just don’t understand what it’s all about.

So it’s important to identify the best grow bag for that person. What are their innate qualities, talents and gifts. What do they enjoy doing? How do they prefer to work? What courses or qualifications would they like to pursue? What are their career aspirations? What are their life desires? Because when you do that you make people aware that they have choices available to they can choose to make different choices to get them into a more grounded and happier place in the business environment.

And sometimes it might mean changing grow bags and giving someone the opportunity to go elsewhere or to another department. And at other times it might mean they’re in the right grow bag but just need to be in a different place – a little bit like moving the tomato plants in their current grow bag into an area of the garden where it’s sunnier and they will grow much stronger and quicker than being left in a cool damp area. So for the person this might mean changing a role within their department or putting them under the wing of a mentor who will enable them to flourish.

And of course if you are someone who’s feeling your already in the right grow bag and getting everything you need right now and are able to contribute to others – well, that’s great! Just carry on in your current grow bag and encourage others to thrive in theirs.

Article by: Wendy Howard, www.spiritofvenus.co.uk

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