If you’ve struggled this year – and yes, it has been a difficult one for all small businesses, maybe you’ve had to make some changes. And some of those changes may have been ones that pushed you to the edge of your comfort zone – the boundary which we feel secure with and when outside of this we begin to feel as though we’re out of control.

Yet it’s something that every adolescent or small business needs to go through to grow. This needs to happen when it reaches a point where there is a need to push beyond the boundaries originally set by the owner.

Your business is limited by how much you can do yourself. Or if you’re managing people it’s limited by how ever many people you can safely manage yourself. The entrepreneur or small business owner’s boundary is limited by the number of others that might be engaged in pursuit of their vision.

Whatever you decide to do you are limiting your business growth if you are the only person who has the ability to control it, touch it, feel it and oversee the work that needs to be done.

Often out of desperation you search for a solution. But when you do this you have a tendency to search for what you already know rather than what you don’t. Therefore you may live in hope that the person you met at the last networking event or someone you recently exchanged business cards with will be the answer to all your prayers.

And often it’s a false hope. It’s not that the person you thought you could do business with hasn’t fulfilled their obligation. Its rather that they are too busy building their own business to manage your business too. Because that’s what’s actually needed – managment of your business.

And the way to grow your business is to look for managers who will take control of some of the aspects that are limiting your growth. Yes, it will challenge you. Yes, it does mean you have to hand over some of the control. Yes, it does mean you’ll have to pay more that you’d probably envisaged. And yes, you will be very uncomfortable for a while.

But it will all come back to you in much greater ways that you ever envisaged. That’s pushing you beyond your comfort zone to a level you’ve never been to before.

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