When trying to engage with clients, there are three top mistakes that happen time and time again.

Here they are:

  1. Not understanding the importance of lead generation and the need to constantly be filling your pipeline.
    Without building relationships with people and having a database of interested people, even if they haven’t so far bought from you, is so important. Lead generation is the life blood of your online business.
  1. Provide quality marketing materials.
    With so much available online it’s so easy to get blaze about what is available and try to keep up by throwing something together.  Don’t. Always take time to provide something that looks high quality and interesting your prospects – even if it free.
  1. Boundaries
    Set clear boundaries around what is free, and what isn’t. You are running a business, and you have to make it clear to people you are serious about that. Place a limit on the number of free goods or free time you will give people.

These are three simple mistakes to make, but can be costly on your business if you are not careful.

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