Freedom is the true meaning of wealth. Freedom allows you to enjoy doing what you do, to have total control of your own time and to be able to enjoy life to the full. Isn’t this the very reason the majority of us go into business or work for ourselves?

So doesn’t it make sense to have a ‘Business Wealth Strategy’ for your business? By that I mean a strategy that will allow you to experience the true meaning of wealth and enjoy the journey along the way. Making freedom your goal.

But what tends to happen is that for many of us, and this might include you, there is a tendency to focus on the ‘lack and need’ rather than on the aspect of building a business for wealth and freedom. How many times do you hear yourself saying ‘I need more leads, I need more clients, I need more sales? True? That is coming from a place of want and need.

The problem is that as far as universal laws go, you will attract more of the same. So your lack and need is destined to grow rather than diminish. That’s not good!

Yes, you do need leads, clients and sales to bring money in, as without money you can’t invest in growing yourself, or your business. And if you don’t have that you can never be free or experience the true meaning of wealth.

Cash flow is king in business and money is the liquid that feeds a wealthier lifestyle. It’s that simple. But how do you move from that place of ‘lack and need’ to a place of having a wealthy business and experiencing the true meaning of freedom and all that it brings?

Here’s the secret … it’s changing your perspective and putting your focus on growing your business wealth centres. In doing so, you will naturally change your mindset from that place of want and need to a mindset of being in control and managing what you already have. And guess what? As far as universal laws go you are demonstrating that you can take care of what you already have, and therefore worthy of attracting more … that’s when your freedom ticket starts to kick in.

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