Recently I met a consultant who described his business as an ‘organisational energy consultancy’. No they’re not into new bio fuels or anything like that. They have an outstanding record track record of influencing focused change in multi-national corporations. They say that certain leadership tasks are critical to energising an organisation.

These are:

• Creating energy – by being seen and giving out the right signals. Developing and supporting talent and building alliances
with key people.
• Providing purpose & direction – by lifting the sights, setting the tone and developing a great team aligned with each
other throughout the business.
• Priorities & warning signals – by becoming excellent at prioritising and being able to instinctively pick up on the warning
signs (and of course take actions to deal with these).

The question is, how well do you lift the sights of your organisation?

Do you have a clear picture of the future?

Do you talk about it to other ‘key’ people?

Do you draw a strong connection between your work and the positive impact it has?

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being low and 10 being very high) what level of energy are you demonstrating in your leadership role today?

And on a similar scale, what level of energy are you putting into your key business activities today?

And similarly, how do you see the energy input from those people you are there to inspire?

Energise your day by leading with passion in everything you do. Enjoy your energy and promote it!

Article by: Wendy Howard
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