In most areas of our lives and business, we are conditioned by our own underlying expectations and fears. We don’t want to let people down. We don’t like to ask for the sale incase we face rejection. We don’t seek feedback because it might be negative.

The majority of these worries lie in our subconscious. By making very small changes to our behaviour, we can begin to test out what our underlying beliefs might be and to eradicate them if they are not supportive.

  1. Begin by identifying one thing you currently do which you would like to change. For instance, working weekends or evenings because you’ve taken work home with you.
  2. Ask your self what is the smallest change you can make to that behaviour. Could you leave that work behind one evening a week? Could you leave that work behind on a Friday evening and be free all weekend? Is that is too scary? Then what about working later or starting one hour earlier to clear that work and never taking work home at all?
  3. Look around you for a supportive buddy who feels the same way as you. Can you agree to support each other to keep to working hours only and remind yourself that you are only at your best while you are there and that is good enough?

A tiny change, over time, will make all the difference to your well-being and ability to function at your best. Commit to making one small change today. Do it.

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