It’s interesting when we bring up the subject of wealth that it means different things to different people. We’re often so focussed on the monetary aspect (and yes, that is part of it) that we tend to overlook the other aspects of wealth. The truth is that financial wealth will not bring you the happiness and inner peace you crave unless you nourish and grow all the other aspects of your wealth too.

Let’s look at the different aspects of wealth and how we can nourish and grow these areas to become wealthier.

1. Financial wealth – People who feel happier about financial wealth are those who are in control of their finances and actively manage their money. They don’t necessarily all have to have huge amounts but they realise that money is simply an exchange mechanism for something of value. That’s all it is. And value is set by how much you want what is being offered. People who manage their money well may decide to build empires and have millions (or billions) in the bank. Others may decide to live within their means for the pay they receive from their job. Either way, the key to financial wealth is to firstly learn to manage what you have. You can then educate yourself in anything you need to know about investing later.

2. Educational wealth – Investing in your knowledge and learning new skills. Sometimes this can be is seen as an expense but really it should be viewed as an investment – in YOU. And gaining educational wealth doesn’t have to cost money. It can include having an awareness of what’s around you and the people you share your life with. Having an awareness of what’s around you and the people around you. It can include mentoring and being mentored in your current job or for a hobby you wish to learn. Or it can simply be visiting local parks, museums, art galleries, or observing local buildings.

3. Physical wealth – No, I’m not talking Arnold Schwarzenegger although I’m sure his physical wealth was a priority. However, physical wealth relates to the health aspect of caring for your body and making sure you treat yourself well. Take time out to exercise and become fitter. Go for a walk daily, join a gym, cycle to work. Take care of your appearance and how you look with your hair, clothing and weight management. Eat healthily and cut down alcohol or caffeine that might be affecting your over all health. Making a few small changes will result in great results.

4. Emotional wealth- Being aware of our feelings and our own emotional make-up. Tuning into how we feel at any particular moment. Listening to our inner emotions and how we can recognise the different emotions we go through depending on the situation we’re faced with. A lot of time we are in a state of fear or anxiety or unpleasantness and becoming aware of this and then recognising that in this moment we can take control of our emotions. Being in the ‘now’ is a great comforter and once you get used to checking into the ‘now’ it all becomes a lot easier.

5. Mental wealth – How do you stimulate your mind? How much do you know about your own psychology and perhaps the psychology of others? Feeling stressed can be due to overload, feeling it’s out of our control, avoiding taking control, putting something off, aswell as being bored and not having enough stimulation. Our mental wealth can be improved by self-understanding and doing what we’re naturally good at rather than fighting against what we know isn’t right for us.

6. Social wealth – Do you spend time with friends and family? Do you take time off to socialise and meet new people? Social wealth is about relationships and harmony with others who you love, care about and trust. Spending time with people who’s company you enjoy. It might also be in the daily conversations you have with people around you when you’re at the local supermarket check out or petrol station. Or it might be the brief chat you have with colleagues or with the fellow dog walker whilst walking your dog. It might simply be having someone around you for company. Social wealth is extremely important in our often busy and increasingly virtual world.

7. Spiritual wealth – This is about looking at things like harmony, between you and the world and maybe some higher place. Spiritual wealth is not necessarily about religion although for many that might be the case. It is entirely your choice how you interpret spiritual wealth but when you do it’s an inner knowing that all is okay with you and the world. You will feel at peace with yourself and others.

And if you have an abundance of all these elements you will have achieved the most amazing wealth. So start to look at the different aspects of your wealth and where you can make adjustments to align yourself for a wealthier you.

Article by: Wendy Howard,

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