Leadership either breaks or makes an organization. It doesn’t matter if you are a large corporation, or a one-person entrepreneurial business, you do need strong leadership.

Here’s 5 BIG Leadership Mistakes:

Mistake No.1 – Not Having A Clear Vision

If you don’t know where your going, no one else will either. On the other hand, if you know where your going, but others on your team or in other parts of the organization don’t know, then they are just bumbling along in the dark.

You need to have a clearly stated vision on where you want to take your  business. Have it written down and makes sure your team all know what the vision is, and remind them regularly.


Mistake No.2 – Not Listening To, Or Acting On Other’s Views

One person cannot know all the answers. Involving everyone on the team is so important to stimulate creativity, source solutions to problems, build commitment and maintain motivation.

Listening is extremely important, and acting on what is being said shows you have listened. These are key leadership skills.


Mistake No.3 – Looking To Blame

It’s immediately obvious if you have a blame culture in your organization. People will be suspicious, unlikely to want to take responsibility and lack trust.

At times people do make mistakes, but most likely the cause isn’t due to the person, it’s due to something lacking or not working in the system.

People need guidelines, systems, supervision, support, training and educating in what is required of them. If you don’t provide this, don’t blame the person.


Mistake No.4 – No Accountability

Every so often, there’s a performance issue, which needs addressing. Putting this off and not making the person accountable, creates a culture where people don’t care. You need to deal with performance issues as quickly as they happen.

When you have a great team, the team will sort these issues out between themselves. Team members will hold each other to account, expecting no less from any team member.


Mistake No.5 – Not Sticking To Commitments

Has anyone ever let you down on something they’ve promised to do? How did it make you feel? Betrayed? Let down? Disappointed?

This is how people feel in organizations when commitments are not followed through. It’s a broken promise. Trust disappears and credibility will go too eventually.

Always aim to follow through on commitments BUT … make sure before you make a commitment to view any implications of any actions. If for any reason you can’t stick to a commitment or indeed make one, then be honest and say so. Give sound reasons why so the person understands.

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