Imagine just for a few moments what a coiled up spring looks like.

Then imagine when you stretch it that it becomes uncoiled and stretches into a much longer drawn out shape.

The more you pull the coiled up spring out of shape the longer it gets and the pressure to hold it there is especially noticeable. If you are holding the spring in your hands the pressure is immense because the spring wants to go back into it’s natural shape.

But the longer you keep it stretched out, the harder it will be for it to go back into its natural shape.  In the end it can remain stretched out and may never go back to it’s natural shape at ll.

This is how many of us live our lives today.

We’re like coiled up springs that have become so uncoiled and stretched out of shape, continually living our lives under immense pressure.

What we really need to do is to … just let go.

In doing so we will go back to our natural state, which is a much happier, healthier and wealthier place to be.

What can you let go of today?

Do it!

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