Do you suffer from sore or dry eyes? Aching neck or back? Tingling fingers or pains running down your arms? Unable to sleep but feel very tired?

Computer Vision Syndrome could be the cause according to Dr Jim Kokkinakis, optometrist in Sydney CBD and senior lecturer at the UNSW Optometry school.

He says it’s the computer screen that is the problem leaving us exhausted at the end of the day. With brighter screens its becoming more recognized. People can start to feel ill after just 20 minutes of working on their computer.

Looking at LED screens further complicates biorhythms causing sleep problems. We run in cycles with our brain working off light. Bombarding it with LED light, and blue emissions, messes up our sleep patterns but also has health eye implications too. Blue light is toxic to the eye and is implicated in the development of the condition called macular degeneration.

Time to take a break from your screen?

You bet!

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