Making an interesting blog that attracts people to you is one of the greatest ways of building up credibility. Here are 5 simple ways anyone can use to increase the number of readers to your blog.

1. Focus on your readers, rather than a topic. Look at how you can solve a particular problem for specific reader. Instead of starting a business blog, create a blog that focuses on one type of business i.e. start ups or mums working from home. It’s a subtle difference.

2. Voice your Opinion. Give readers the opportunity to read your opinion and see things from their perspective. Ask them to contribute to this with their point of view.

3. Showcase loyal readers. Help to celebrate their success by letting others know about them. This is rewarding loyalty and shouting it from the roof tops.

4. Engage on other people’s blogs. Leave comments or submit a guest post. People love the interaction and recognition for their efforts.

5. Display the benefit of your blog in your blog name and tagline. This helps readers visiting your blog for the first time to see immediately what you do.


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  • Joe says:

    Thanks for this extremely helpful info. You showed me I’m doing some things right, and provided some helpful tips to move forward. Much appreciated : )

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