How big is your list? What list? That is often the response I get from many trainers or coaches.

The benefits of building a list are well documented. When you have a list of interested people, you can design a programme especially to meet their problems. And you have a ready to go list for marketing any of your products and services. So, here’s a few tips on how to build a list.

1.  Make it irresistible. Offer something irresistible to entice them to hand over their information. People love the ‘secrets’ of … or discover the top 5 ways to …’

2.  Make it easy. Put your email sign-up offer in a prominent position on your website. It’s no good having a sign-up at the bottom of the page, as people won’t stay long enough to read to that point. So make it easy for them to see exactly where to leave their name and email address.

3. Take the 3 second test. They have 3 seconds or less to make their decision as to whether they will stay on your website and take up your offer. So make it something that instantly grabs their attention and they simply ‘must have’.

4. Test multiple methods.Try different ways to grow your list. Ignore any negative feedback from people who may be critical of pop ups or your methods for testing different list building strategies

5.  Ask for the Sign-up. At the end of your blog posts, or any other media message you give out, always include a call-to-action to sign people up to your mailing list. Go to to help you create a great looking sign in box

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