There’s A Difficult Way To Success And An Easy One – Which One Have You Chosen?

Okay, let’s see, the difficult one is to study hard for a long time, work hard for 60 hours or more a week for several decades, worry about the impression you’re giving out to others and claw your way up the corporate ladder. The price of this route is to sacrifice your pleasant life now for a pleasant life in the future. In other words, you are working your socks off now to try and achieve extraordinary things for an extraordinary future.

Isn’t it time you made that mental leap and started to work with a different mindset? You can do this by focusing on the outcomes that you want and find the easiest way to them using the least effort without sacrificing anything and actual enjoy the journey.

Sound good? Then here’s how to do it;

1. Concentrate on what gives extraordinary results without extraordinary efforts. It’s the old 80/20 rule again whereby 80% of your results come form only 20% of your efforts.

2. Over 80% of people struggle to achieve 20% of results. Whereas 20% of people reap 80% of the results. So look at these people and see what it is that they do differently.

3. 80% of the value you give to others comes from only 20 percent of what you do. What is it that gives people most value and how can you concentrate on delivering this to more people?

4. What behaviours have you adopted as part of your life? 80% of what you want comes from 20% of your tactics or your behaviours. Observe what behaviour is bringing in the best results.

5. For everything that you do there will be one way that is markedly superior in bringing in the results your want. Once you work this out you will have a found a way that if four times better than it was before.

Article by Wendy Howard, Spirit of Venus. &

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