It’s great that you’ve started your own business and in doing so you now realize the intensity and the creative energy that you never needed before in your day job. But you’ve also realised you have little time to grow your business because all your time is being taken up with mundane jobs that don’t bring income in.

How do you break from this? There really is only one way and that’s to start hiring other people and outsourcing tasks to get things done. This frees up your time to concentrate on what brings the sales and money in to your business. Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about.

Recently a client of mine was spending time doing her own book-keeping. This had become a chore as she really didn’t enjoy the task. But she thought that she was saving herself having to pay a book keeper. However, the time spend doing this task just think what could she be doing during that time to bring sales into the business? When you multiply this time taken away from her business and the amount of money she could be bringing in if only she concentrated on sales, you can begin to understand that delegating that task will improve the income to her business.

Perhaps you do lots of business related tasks such as answering the phone, photo-copying, checking emails or problem solving. None of this is bringing income into your business and it’s actually keeping you from finding customers or creating new products.

And of course there’s also the constant tiredness of getting it all done which can leave you feeling exhausted or simply stressed out. And again, that’s not way to grow your business when you have to work late into the evening or at weekends simply to keep up with everything. Wouldn’t it make sense to balance your business and life more?

Doing everything yourself is a distraction and you need to find a team of people who can take over things that keep you distracted from the task of growing your business. You need to decide who you need to take onboard to do those mundane tasks. Every business is different so I suggest you make a list of all the tasks that need doing and then put against it those which you will do and those which you will outsource. Then make a commitment to outsource by finding those key people to do these tasks.

If you still insist on doing everything yourself then your business is going to remain small and you will remain working harder, not smarter.

When choosing people to work with base your choice on their having the right skills for the job, in hand. And also consider working with people virtually rather than someone local as many tasks can be done from anywhere in the world, as long as the job is done. It also means you can shop around on price too.

So focus on outsourcing tasks and freeing up your time, to grow your business or simply to get some time off from your work. What things will make a difference? Start thinking about this now.

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