Expectations. We all have them whether it’s an expectation we’ve placed on ourselves or the expectation we have of the obligations others have for us. Either way, when that expectation is not fulfilled then we feel as if we’ve been let down.

But is the obligation we’ve placed on ourselves justified? For instance, how many people do you know who feel as if they must fulfill certain tasks or routines such as visiting parents on a Sunday, or act in a certain way that their partner, their parents or their friends will feel let down?

Obligation becomes a challenge to us when we feel tied to the script we’ve set for ourselves. Sometimes it’s necessary to ask yourself why do I feel obligated to do this? And what does the other person ultimately expect of me? If you’re not sure then ask them. In most cases, obligation is something we’ve set for ourselves based on our own beliefs rather than the other person’s, who’s idea of what is expected might be totally different to your way of thinking.

Often the reality is that the other persons you feel obligated to aren’t even thinking about any of this at all. They will be much more flexible in their way of thinking.

In doing so, and letting go some of those obligations and changing how you think and feel about them, you will be re-gaining your strength and inner-power.

Article by: Wendy Howard
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