What Are Your Road Blocks?

We all have them … that is, road blocks to personal and business growth. However, we have to identify them first before we can begin to overcome them. But overcome them we must … otherwise we won’t grow to achieve whatever it is we’re aspiring to.

What are roadblocks?

Roadblocks can be many things and appear in different situations. They can be recognized through the words you’re using, your daily actions or inactions. They are basically excuses. Excuses you’re giving yourself for not achieving success or getting that breakthrough you want for your business.

How many times do you hear yourself saying, ‘it’s the economy,’ ‘people just aren’t investing in my type of product or service at the moment,’ or ‘everything I do is different for a client and therefore I’m the only person who can do this.’ I’ve got to tell you that … none of this is true!

They are all road blocks which you have created for yourself. It is only you who believes them to be true. For instance, we all know that there are ups and downs in the economy. We all know that fashions or trends fade. It happens now and it has always happened throughout history. We also know that for many people who choose to think differently, that this gives us more opportunity to grow. We might need to change something we’re doing or create offers that will attract people by giving them more value. Either way, it’s all about changing your mindset.

How do you do that?

Start by identifying what your roadblocks are. Write these down. Then when you have done that, identify why you think in that way. Write that down. And then identify the emotion behind that thinking. Write that down. And finally, ask yourself what you can do to overcome these road blocks. Then take the action necessary to overcome and move beyond where you are now.

Let me give you a couple of examples:

Example One:
My road block is ‘I hate writing proposals as they take so much of my time. However, it’s only me that can do them because every single client is different.’

Is this true? No, of course it isnt! We know from the old 80/20 rule that almost 80 percent of what you do for clients will be very similar work. It is only about 20 percent that will differ. If you were to look at every single piece of work or job you have completed for any number of clients then you would see that most of what you do is very similar. Yes, there will be some differences but in the main, it will be very similar. So, you could make writing your proposals much easier and quicker. It is only your mindset that is preventing you from doing that.

And what about the emotion that is keeping your thinking in that mindset? It’s likely to be a fear of letting go incase you lose control. This might stem from either a past bad experience where this happened, or it might be a fear of not being able to look as through you are giving your clients the personal service you’ve told them they might expect. It might also be a lack of confidence in your ability to fulfill everything you say you will. Or it could even be a fear of not remembering each step of the process – so just incase you miss something out if you didn’t meticulously write it all down for that particular client. Hint: a check list or a mind map is just as good and takes much less time. Either way, it’s time to let this thinking go …

What is it that you can do to make change so that you can work more efficiently?

Example Two:
My roadblock is that in the current economy people are just not buying my sort of product or service.

Is this true? No, of course it isn’t. People buy when they have a need or want for the product or service that will make things easier for them or to make them wealthier, healthier or happier – regardless of the economy. Yes, people may be more choosy where they spend their money … but they will still spend it somewhere … and it might as well be with you … if only you change your mindset.

And what about the emotion that is keeping your thinking in that mindset? In most cases it is a fear-based emotion tied to a belief somewhere in your sales process. Or it might be a lack of knowledge in how to make sales in any economy. It might be a combination of things. Either way, the information to do that is out there … if you want it.

If you can first of all identify your road blocks, and then the thinking and emotional attachment fueling your roadblock, then you will be in a far better position to be able to overcome and move beyond them. Isn’t it time you stopped holding yourself back?

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