Don’t Miss Sonia Choquette this Thursday, 22nd April

Yes that’s right, you can listen to my interview with Sonia Choquette this thursday at 3PM UK time. Go sign up now:

Sonia Choquette is an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, intuitive guide and masterful catalyst whose special gift is to energetically activate the highest vibration and free the authentic Spirit in eveyone she meets. She releases people from restrcition and fear of the ego and guides them through the portals to joy, wholeness, and personal empowerment in every area of their life. She has also been a personal intuitive advisor to such New Age Leaders as Louise Hay, Julia Cameron, Caroline Myss, Dr. Wayne Dyer, pop icon Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumkins rock band, and professional consultant to international business leaders such as Charlotte Beers, Fortune 500 Company CEO.

A third generation intuitive and prolific writer, her books have sold over a million copies worldwide including her NY Best seller The Answer Is Simple…. Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit.

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See you on Thursday!

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