The number one reason that you must consider speaking events is that they are one of the best ways to help build your list and generate leads for ANY type of business. If you are not doing this, you really are missing out.

Here’s why you need to use speaking engagements to grow your business?

People Meet You On A Personal Level

People have the opportunity to meet you in person and to give a face to the name. Today, much of what we do is hidden behind the computer screen. Online marketing tools allow us to reach many people without leaving the comfort of your desk. But by giving a talk it gives people the opportunity to gain empathy with you and to meet the real person.


Consider The Statistics

It is estimated that 8-10% of your audience will seek you out after a presentation. They will want more information. This is a great qualifier! And of that 10% who seek you out, they won’t view your follow-up call as a pest, but rather as a ‘guest’.


Project Your Personality

Speaking allows you to project your personality and your skills. People have the opportunity to see you in action and gain an overall view of what you can do for their business problems.


Raises Your Profile

Public speaking is one of the biggest fears many people face. So by giving a talk, you are already a hero in the eyes of most of that audience. It raises your profile and standing in your area of expertise as well as incredibly increasing your credibility.


Highest Form Of Leverage

Addressing a large number of people as against one to one is the very highest form of leverage. The larger the audience, the more sales communications you can have without increasing your time.


If you want to learn how to do this well, email me on: OR check out our Powerful Sales Presentations module. It will be a great investment as well as giving you the confidence to overcome any fears you might have.