Overcoming Sales Objections

It’s so frustrating isn’t it when you’ve spent time and effort to really understand the prospects problems but they won’t commit to the project because they “want to think about it”. Aaarrrgghhh!

Has this ever happened to you? If so, then you need to act fast. You need to give them an incentive to make the decision sooner rather than leave it until later, by which time they may have gone back into their comfort zone and not want take up the offer.

And for you there’s nothing worse than being left in limbo. What started out as a hot prospect has dragged out to be a continuous process of following up and being put off until later scenario. This can waste your time and energy chasing those ‘maybe one day’ prospects. You want to avoid this wherever possible.

How do you get clients to make a decision to buy from you without them feeling as if you’re putting the pressure on?

The answer to that is to make them see the value in what you are offering. That is of course providing you have initially qualified your prospect properly in the first instance and established what their pressing need is.

In qualifying people and understanding their problems you will have identified a solution for them. The questions to ask yourself are; do they want to make the decision now? can they do that? and is their need for your product or service right now?

When someone has had an initial conversation with you and had the opportunity to gain rapport then they will have a fairly good idea of whether you are someone they will want to work with. So to avoid the “I’ll need to think about it” scenario you need to create incentives for them to take up your offer now and not leave it until some time later.

Here’s a selection of fast-action incentives for you:

  • Create more value by having a reward for making an immediate decision. This might be an additional product or service of value as a reward for making an immediate decision.
  • If someone does ask for a few days to go through things then by all means do that but make sure you set a day and time to call them back. Make it very clear to them that you will expect them to have made a decision by that time.
  • Offer an additional level of service such as giving them a direct line contact number or a private VIP email address so that they can get in touch with you directly.
  • Provide gift vouchers such as cinema tickets or restaurant vouchers for the first 10 people to sign up. Remember that when doing this if it is a high priced ticket you are selling that the voucher must be of similar high value otherwise this won’t be an incentive for them
  • Offer a cash incentive. For instance if you have a program which costs £1,000 then give them a Fast Action Bonus Incentive such as £850 to say ‘yes’ now.
  • If offering training or coaching sessions you can offer an early bird discount. These are very popular especially when there is a short time frame. You can remind people to grab the early bird now as the price is going up by tomorrow.
  • Offer a payment plan so that the investment is spread across a number of months. I find a yearly programme paid monthly works well for my VIP clients to allow them to spread the cost of their investment.

Whatever offer you choose to give to people always ensure that you have set a decision deadline. This means that you are meeting your own objective which is to get them to make a buying decision today rather than leaving you in limbo. By enabling them to make a decision it frees you up to move forward or to move on to the next prospect. This makes sense in that you are managing your time, resources and energy effectively too. This makes complete business sense.

Article by Wendy Howard

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