Marketing Strategy

Do you sometimes feel insecure in what you have to offer the world? Wondering what the next step is to take? Then it’s time for a little reassurance.

  1. Remind Yourself Of Your True Value
    Take a few moments to ponder over who has made a difference in the world in some way. Mother Theresa, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Anita Roddick and millions more.
    What do they have in common? They all started out very much like you or I with gifts and talents that made a difference to the world.
    Imagine now, what would the world look like without any of these people having added their contribution to the world. There would be no Virgin flights or Apple computers. What a disaster that would be.
    I’m not suggesting that you or I can be anything as huge as any of these great people but you and I are no less than anyone of them. We all have a contribution to bring light and harmony to the world through our work. Lets remind ourselves of that.
  2. Release Your Old Issues
    If you are having a hard time making money, then its time to release yourself from some of that old junk that’s stifling your ability to share your light with the world.
    Stop thinking about your problems, and focus on those people out there who need and want your solution. Some people will be literally praying for what you have, but they don’t know you are there.
    Start by shifting the focus, and letting people know what you do and how you do it.  But do it from a position of serving, not self-service.

You are truly worthy, it’s time to remember that and start focusing on being who you are meant to be.

It’s often said that ‘cash is King’ and sales income is the critical lifeblood of your business. That’s all very true.

The question is, has the age of communication and huge growth in online businesses made it any easier to increase your sales income?

The problem is that every day, we’re bombarded with more and more information it’s simply overwhelming. If like countless others’ you find yourself drowning in a sea of information overload whilst at the same time, trying to master the techniques to get your business working in a similar way to online success, making your life easier (and lets not forget the increase in monetary return too), then lets put this into perspective.

Those people who are doing well online are doing so because they have:

  1. Spent time planning each individual promotion in detail very carefully before rolling out the promotion.
  2. Systems in place that take over the tedious tasks of tracking, monitoring and keeping in touch with subscribers.
  3. Concentrated on lead generation strategies that work for an online business within their niche.

But … there’s one thing that sets them apart and eventually leads to generating the income they want. It’s this: they know lead generation is the secret weapon to online success, and the ability to attract thousands of interested leads who have already held their hands up and said, ‘I’m interested’, I want to know more.

And the one thing they have concentrated on more than anything else is building the relationship with key people who already have a list of potential prospects who will be interested in your products and services.

Building relationships may be the oldest marketing tool in the business … but for online businesses today, it’s never been more important. The lifeblood of all online businesses is dependent on lead generation and there’s no better way than developing relationships with people who have a ready-made list of ideal clients. You need to keep filling your online sales funnel to provide new lifeblood to your business.

Want me to help you make rewarding connections? Drop me an email giving me some details of what you want to achieve and I will give you my feedback. Email:

Are you doing all the giving?

Running yourself ragged trying to tempt prospects by endless free offers?

Giving so much value there’s nothing left in the kitty for you?

One of the problems of  having a business where you help people by solving their problems is that it can be difficult to set boundaries around how much you offer for free, and at what point do you insist on payment.

As a giving person, I too love to help people but I was finding it increasingly difficult to draw the line of how much to give for free without selling the business silver.

I was very interested to discover this is a common problem for entrepreneurial businesses. Lucy, a business associate recently confided to me that she’d spent the first year giving everything away for free because she thought that was the thing to do.

Lucy spent hours preparing free reports and ‘how to’ guides and even offered free intro sessions to prospect’s. She realized after an exhausting year where she hadn’t earned a dime that something had to change. Infact, she had to change

Lucy told me that prospects need to understand that you have a business to run and it is a paid for service that you are offering. You need to place a limit on the free goods and any advice you provide. You need to create both personal and business boundaries clearly and stick to these.

It is a sad truth that people who come to expect your free services will take them for granted and not value them. People who are not willing to invest in their business to gain the knowledge they need will not do well in their businesses anyway.

Fact is, you don’t want these free loaders as your clients, as you will not be doing them or you, or your business any favours if you give it all away for free in the displaced illusion it is helping them. It isn’t.

The lesson: Set clear personal and business boundaries.

A QR (quick-response) code is a two-dimensional barcode-like image that can be read by software on a smart phone, usually via a downloadable app. When someone scans the QR code it directs the user to a mobile-optimized web page for more information. It means that a smart phone user can access your website without having to remember the URL. Remember when using QR codes that they are an innately mobile experience so the content you want consumers to view must be mobile optimised.

You can download your QR Code for free using one of the following sites:

And here’s 10 quick ways you can use your QR Code to enhance your business. Add it to your email signature, business cards, leaflets, handouts, gift giving, sharing a musical message, promotional gift, personalised gift card message, initiate a competition, quick pay option. Be creative!

Note: To set your phone up for scanning QR codes, you need to download the QR application for your phone from your phone provider.

The number one reason that you must consider speaking events is that they are one of the best ways to represent your business as well as to boost your career. You have the opportunity to generate leads and do your market research all in one place too.

If you’re not confident in speaking then you are missing out in growing a business, getting that next promotion or raising your profile within your organisation.

Speaking engagements help you to:

Get Personal

People have the opportunity to meet you in person and to give a face to the name. Today, much of what we do is hidden behind the computer screen. Online marketing tools allow us to reach many people without leaving the comfort of your desk. But by giving a talk it gives people the opportunity to gain empathy with you and to meet the real person behind the business.

Elevates Career or Business

You gain instant credibility in the eyes of your audience. Most people dread giving a speech. They immediately see you as the expert. You are the person in the driving seat and have the control.

Creates Opportunities

Giving presentations opens doors. It is estimated that 8-10% of your audience will seek you out after giving a talk. They do that because they want to know more about you and what you can do for them.

An Opportunity To shine

It puts you in the spotlight. You can project your personality and share your skills or demonstrate your expertise. People have the opportunity to see you in action and gain an overall view of what you can do for their business problems.

Highest Form Of Leverage

Addressing a large number of people as against one to one is the very highest form of leverage. The larger the audience, the more sales communications you can have without increasing your time.

If you want to learn how to do this well, email me on: and ask about our Powerful Sales Presentations module. It will be a great investment as well as giving you the confidence to overcome any fears you might have.

E-books are quickly becoming a dime a dozen. If you would like to make a profit with one of your e-books, you will need to set your e-book apart from all the rest.  One of the easiest ways to do this is through positive recommendations and reviews.  People are more likely to buy a product, especially a new product, if it comes highly rated and recommended.  If you would like to know how product reviews and recommendations can help you, you are urged to read on.  A number of helpful tips are outlined below.

As it was mentioned above, there are a number of different ways that product reviews and recommendations can help you.  It was also mentioned that e-books are becoming a dime a dozen.

Essentially, this means that there are so many e-books available for sale; it is often difficult to make a sale.  With so much competition it is hard for even with one of the greatest e-books ever written.  Getting reviews or recommendations from your previous customers, which are also referred to as testimonials, may help increase your sales.  Positive testimonials help to create a name for yourself; a good name.  They can also create a sense of trust; trust that many consumers go searching for before  making an online purchase, even an e-book purchase.

Although it is important to know just how helpful customer testimonials are and how they can help you, you may also be wondering about getting them.  There are many e-book authors who mistakenly believe that they have to sell their product first, before receiving any customer testimonials or reviews.  This isn’t the truth.  If you are looking to boost the appearance of your e-book, through customer testimonials, you may want to think about giving your e-book away in exchange for reviews.  It is a known fact that many consumers love free products, even free e-books. You will also find that many would be more than willing to give your e-book a positive review, just for receiving it free of charge.  You can often find these individuals on online forums.

Once you have a collection of customer testimonials, it is important that you put them to good use.  In fact, you will want to make sure that you use them to the best of your ability.  Not only will you want to display your customer testimonials on your webpage or your e-book sales page, but you will want to take it a step further.  It may be a good idea to use customer quotes in a press release or even in a newsletter that you send out to other internet users.  To effectively help you increase your sales, customer testimonials need to be seen and prominently displayed.

Speaking of being displayed, there are also a number of different ways that you can have your customer testimonials displayed. The most common form of customer testimonials, even for e-books, is in printed format, like a small paragraph.  Of course, this is okay to do this, but you may want to take it a step further.  If it is at all possible, you may want to think about having your customers give their testimonials in video format.  This is relatively easy to do as many internet users have webcams.

If you are unable to do a video format, you will at least want to include pictures with your written reviews or customer testimonials.  Having a picture, even just a headshot, of the person who gave the review, puts a face to it.  This is something that many consumers search for. Although a picture really doesn’t mean anything, it gives consumer a sense of trust, a feeling that it is a real, legitimate review.

Customer testimonials are a great way to prove the quality your e-book and even increase the chances of it selling.  One mportant thing that you always need to remember is change.  You never want to edit or change your customer testimonials without permission. In fact, changing your customer’s testimonials may land you hot water; hot water that may bring negative, unwanted publicity to you and your e-book.

Remember: Customer testimonials are a nice, free way to bring publicity to your e-book and to create a “buzz.”

The headline is the one thing that grabs the prospect’s attention. And any copywriter will tell you that its more important to spend time writing your headline than it is to write the sales letter. If you dismiss your headline – that’s it, game over!

Because no-one will start reading your letter, ad, brochure, etc., or listening to anything you have to say if they don’t get past the headline.

Your headline is the difference between success and Mediocrity, or total failure.

Take a look at these headlines written by one of the most highly respected copywriters of our times:

Proof at last: discover which Forex systems, software and gurus can really make you money – and those that rip you off!



“Tired of Being Broke and Getting Nowhere? It’s NOT YOUR FAULT! You’ve been lied to, conned and cheated. Now it’s Time to Break Free From ‘The Matrix and Join me in a Life of Wealth, Freedom and Power!”

Every Headline must fill the following 4 objectives:

  • Grab attention 
  • Select an audience 
  • Deliver a complete message 
  • Draw the reader into the body copy 

If you think it’s difficult, creating winning headlines can be achieved by following some simple and proven guidelines…

Format your headline step by step …

  1. Place the headline above the salutation
  2. Set the headline in a large font (at least 4 Points larger than your copy font size)
  3. Use a Capital letter for each word in your headline.
  4. Emphasise 1 or 2 important words in your headline in largertype, bold, underline or in capitals.
  5. Use sufficient number of words to convey a benefit to your reader.
  6. Never end with a full stop.

Here’s a list of words which have been proved to be consistently successfal in headlines. And if you look at headlines then you’ll see that all the successful headline contain one or more of these words:

You Results Breakthrough


Your Here Facts


Discover Quick Easy


Exciting Yes Money


Only Guaranteed Proven


Secrets Instantly New


How Amazing Free


Now Reveals Winning


Introducing Magic Announcing

Conversely there are some ‘bad words’ that you should avoid using in your headline. These are:

Buy Difficult Failure


Order Bad Cost


Sell Death Loss



So, make a start with you headline and follow these tips as you write. It’ll make all the difference!

Why do we always try the hard way by placing an expensive advert or spending a fortune on marketing methods that don’t work, when you can do a lot of stuff for FREE!

Sound good?  Here’s my top 10 easy ways you can do just that:

  1. Announce a new product, service or about being the first to try something. Be the biggest, the smallest, the cutest … or whatever comes to mind. Newspapers and online e-news love these types of announcements.
  2. Passage of time – mark it, use it. Being in business for one year, five years, ten years. Celebrate the birthday of your business. Do an event and let people know about it.
  3. Celebrate someone in your team. What have they done that’s special or out of the ordinary? Or perhaps it’s simply because they’re totally reliable and great to have in your team. So tell people about how great it is to have such a motivational and inspirational person and what it does for your business.
  4. Announce a new person joining your team. Why did you choose them? What made them the right person for the job. What difference is it going to make to your business? Share this with others too.
  5. Clients you’ve worked with – gain testimonials and tell the world about the experience they had working with you. This is a win-win situation as both businesses are promoted.
  6. Case study – take it a step further and do a full case study on a large client that you’re working with. This gives you the opportunity to go more in-depth and demonstrate where the person was when you started working with them and where they are now and what they have achieved.
  7. Have you gained a new important client? Boast about it by making a huge announcement.
  8. Win an award. Look up trade, local, regional or national awards that your business can enter. Get those entry forms in as you can’t win if you’re not in it.
  9. What’s happening locally or nationally in the news? Call your local radio station and ask to speak about your opinion on the subject that will be of interest to their listeners. Choose something that is relevant to your business and comment how it might affect you and/or others in a similar situation.
  10. Become the ‘go to’ expert by regularly responding to questions placed on forums. Or put yourself forward to trade publications as an interesting expert and they may even give you your own column.

Taking the time and with a little bit of effort mixed with creativity and there you go …. Free publicity and lots of media attention for your business.