High-End Sales

High ticket sales success … can anyone do it?

And if so, how?

All the gurus and well-paid coaches do it don’t they. They develop a high-end coaching product or service and manage to quickly and easily fill those places. While others… despite being well-qualified and who work tremendously hard don’t even get a bite of the cherry.

So what is it that makes the difference?

Having studied this long and hard and interviewed a number of leading experts who do just that it all boils down to a few key things:

Point 1: Your mindset must be in the right place to create and promote your own big ticket products or services. You must be disciplined and give 100% to  achieve your intended outcome.

Point 2: You must ‘walk you talk’ and ‘do what you teach’. This is turn will move your mindset to believing that you are worthy. Plus you will appear more charismatic when you come from the heart.

Point 3: Decide on the ultimate financial amount you want to make. This must have meaning to you for instance, what would ‘X amount’ do for you? Would you buy a new car? Educate your children? Eat at best restaurants every week? Give the amount you want a reason for you to achieve it.

Point 4: Set yourself some stretch goals to help you challenge and overcome any negative beliefs about money. Think of the most money you have ever earned in any month of the year. Now think beyond that and stretch your thinking to the maximum you can see yourself getting. Write this figure down. You may need to keep working on this as you progress but in doing so, it will accelerate your success.

Point 5: You must be congruent with the prices you are charging. Don’t just pull a huge figure out of thin air and expect it to happen as people will see right through this. People don’t just pay high fees because you’ve set them. Your mindset must be congruent with the price you charge. In the beginning when you work this way, set a price that you feel comfortable working towards.

Point 6: If you are still in the mindset of trading time for money or working on the principle of what people will pay based on what your job is worth, then you won’t be in the right place to charge high-end prices. You must base your worth on the result your end user will get from your product or service. What value it will bring to them.

Point 7: Think carefully about the kind of client of you want. Look out for places where these types of people hang out and are already involved or attending courses to help with their self-development. Look for people who want your help and are willing to spend to get it.

Point 8: Don’t waste your time, money or energy trying to shoe-horn people in or convince them into converts. Instead, focus on finding people who have already demonstrated they want help in your area of expertise.

Point 9: Learn from people who have already made high-end ticket sales. Look to being around or working with people who already make a lot more money than you do. Conversely avoid working with people who don’t earn as much or about the same as you as you won’t be learning anything.

Point 10: Aim to build trust, an intimate relationship where people can get to know you well and what it is that you do. Always be authentic.

One final point, high-end sales are all about relationship building and nurturing a relationship on a deeper and more meaningful level.

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