About Us

Hi, I’m Wendy Howard, the founder of Spirit of Venus, giving you help, support and guidance to grow a profitable coaching or training business.

Here’s a little bit about me (and thank you for being interested). I started out as a freelance trainer following 23+ years in the field of personal development firstly within the social care sector (I’m a qualified Social Care Manager) and then following an MSc in Business Management (Cambridge) specialising in creative and transformational management. Eventually, I spread my wings to a much wider diverse market place. During my career, I’ve held a number of responsible roles including multi-agency management and in sales and marketing as a Regional Marketing Manager.

All of this before starting my own business and since then, I’ve gained a host of knowledge and skills plus learned from many mistakes too (sometimes expensive ones, but you can benefit hugely from that by the lessons I’ve learned and which I can help you to avoid). I specialise in Accelerated Learning techniques having trained in N.America and also coaching skills for business.

How can I help you?

If you are someone who is struggling to get your business to the next level, then I can help you do that. For instance, you may be someone who is currently seeing clients or taking on freelance work, but are struggling to attract clients or to make more sales. Or perhaps you are tired of all that work and want to build a business that allows you to take time off, while income still comes into your business. Initially, I prefer to have a conversation with you to gauge the help that you need and to find our more about your aspirations for your business and to know exactly where you are now. If I can help you there and then, I will. If I can’t or I’m not the right person for you, then I’ll be honest and share some resources with you that may help instead.

How have I gained the experience to help in this way?

Having held a long career initially certainly helped as well as having recognised qualifications. However, it is through my experience of becoming a freelance trainer and business coach, (and again, further training as part of that) that I’ve learned the hard way, and also found that there is an easier way too (which is great news for you). And I realised a while ago that there are a number of people in coaching, training or practitioners who are struggling to build their businesses and make them profitable. Infact, I can more often than not pin-point where people are on their entrepreneurial journey based on where I was at that point. So I not only have empathy, but I can identify the next steps along the same path. Because I’ve developed what is a ‘Business Blueprint (ideally to get someone to a 6 figure income) which can be applied to the majority of coaching, training or practitioner businesses and then set out a personal plan for you to implement into your business. before I built a business blueprint that allowed me to grow my business on solid foundations. This became a natural progression for me to move from training more towards coaching others’ to grow their business. In doing so, I’ve also developed a coaching/training programme which I have licensed for.

What about the training you offer to become a professional business coach? 

I do offer training for people who want to become business coaches and work with small businesses and entrepreneurs. This is a particular niche that really appeals to me because I train from experience. It works on a couple of levels:

i. Level One – Business Coaching, Tools & Coaching Techniques

At this level you will learn about business dynamics in particular the needs of small businesses. You will gain knowledge using a host of tried and tested business tools and techniques and how to apply these to business situations, problems, and any number of business issues.

You will come away feeling confident in using business tools and techniques and how to apply them to business.

ii. Level Two – Licensed Opportunity

At this level, you will be licensed (lifetime license) to offer our Business Coaching Programme. You will receive further training to enable you to coach not only individuals, but to facilitate large groups of people. Additionally, you will receive resources, 12 months coaching with a head coach, plus sales and marketing support.

Is the licensed opportunity the same as a franchise?

There are similarities in that I have taken some of the set up of a franchise but without the additional expense of administration. A franchise will normally offer you 3 to 5 years under license and then you have to pay additional fees and/or pay up to 30% of your income to the franchisee. I think that is very unfair when it is you who is doing the work. So, by simplifying the model we’ve made it much easier. With us, you get a lifetime license with no further fees to pay, and you keep 100% of all your profits, 100% of all your income and retain 100% of your own identify.

How much business experience will I need to be able to take up the licensed opportunity?

It can vary greatly and it is best to have an informal conversation with me first to gauge whether this is a good fit for you. You will be able to learn and grow with the programme too. You will be trained in Accelerated Learning Facilitation techniques and all aspects of running the programme. Plus, you will have access to resources and receive regular coaching and training to support you in getting started and up and running.

Can I work this full or part-time?

Yes, you will have an outline plan set up initially with the anticipated income you want to achieve. We will help you towards this at a pace that suits you.

What rewards can I expect?

Depending on how many hours you commit to running the programme, motivation and dedication will all affect your income potential. I will show you exactly how to position the programme to your target audience. The first time I ran this programme myself, I made over £10,000 profit. At other times, I have selected modules from the programme as bespoke coaching or training and charged £2-3,000 each time. I’ve tied this in with a coaching package at £5,000 per person for additional income that way. The programme has a very profitable potential for licensees.There is no ceiling on your income.

Great! What’s my next step?

Call me directly on +(44) (0)1480 456679 or email: wendy@spiritofvenus.co.uk for an informal discussion.